Harmony, Balance & Ease

Sound Healing

I have always wanted to put sound healing with singing bowls to use in my life and today I not only have the opportunity to learn it myself, but to share the experience with 40 people in the Miami area who know the value of using Tibetan Singing Bowls for healing. The first 20 to sign up for this magical experience will receive the bowls for free!!! So hurry and read all the details in the website below and sign up right away on the site. Please copy and put in your browser.


My office is the headquarters of the Miami training so please feel free to contact me there: 18301 N Miami Ave.Suite 2700  Miami Florida 33169. Telephone: 786-377-5965

Thanks and see you there! Carol


Become a Health Gainer

Weight Loss could be beneficial for rejuvenation and revitalization, but are you Gaining Health while you are loosing weight?

Free Health Expo: Saturday August 4, 2012 10 AM- 4 PM

Attend our Health Expo and get answers to your questions regarding how to jump start a Life Style Changes that will put you on the path to optimal health now. Complete our Health Surveys and learn what to do to change your life. We will also be offering blood pressure and sugar screenings plus awesome education on how to keep your body in perfect alignment.If you are over weight and don’t know what to do; if you are tired all the time and need energy; if you have bowels that don’t work well; if you are unable to get a good night’s sleep; ……………….. we have critical answers for you. Invite you friends and family. There is no cost to you. Here’s to your health!

Carol & Michael Hope – 20295 NW 2nd Ave (441) Suite 302 Penthouse East, Miami Gardens, Florida 33169


Hopie’s Juice Club is an educational organization that promotes having critical knowledge of your unique body and your bio-chemical make-up, as a baseline of information on which to build lifestyle changes. Goal: Harmony, Balanced and Ease. We believe that these are the building blocks of good health. The Juice Club is run by Michael & Carol Hope. She has survived cancer and chemotherapy since 2001, and he was her cheerleader, supporter, friend and husband during the very difficult times. Today, they are traveling the world taking a message of hope to everyone who is desiring optimal health.

Interested in speaking with them, attending a Juice Club meeting, getting a private consultation, having them address a group, organization, church or other spiritual gathering….?

Leave a message below;Print you name, email address and telephone number below and we will contact you without delay. You may also choose to email us on this site or right here

Our phone 786-337-5965 Address 20295 NW 2nd Ave. (441) Suite 302 Miami Gardens Florida 33169. Next Juice Club Meeting Saturday July 7, 2012 – 10Am  -1PM. You may participate in a live recording of the Radio Show:: My Life Force Renewed

Exchange Time for Money or Exchange Time for Value

In discussion with a friend recently, he was telling me that he tries not to exchange time for money, because that is not the most efficient use of his time. He said it was more important to leverage his own efforts so that he would benefit from other people’s time and efforts This is a concept that many companies teach their recruits to follow,. and from a financial point of view; it works for many in terms of leveraging money to make more money. I asked him about his quality of life and he said:” I am running and I working many hours per day right now but, I am looking forward to the time when the money starts working for me.

So what if his body does not last until that time.? What is the quality of life that he is experiencing right now, and will it sustain life in good health for a long time to come?

I am personally committed to seeking  balance in my life.  Therefore, I was able to share with him, that although money is valuable and having lots of it is great, I would rather expend my time on the values of Harmony, Balance & Ease as a way of ensuring that I maintain my health, my spirituality and my wisdom.You see those three elements ensure a quality of of life, that for me, is true value. Since I know for sure that there are people with loads of money, but have poor health, unbalanced family lives, poor relationships…I realize that quality of life may not result from having loads of money. When our quality of life is poor, there is no joy and joy cannot be bought. It is very difficult to enjoy our life regardless of the money we have. Having a good quality of life begins with an intention that starts in the mind. Our thoughts become our activities, which become our habits, which shape our outcomes, which results in our destiny and the legacy that we leave behind when we leave the planet.

.Let us seek Harmony, Balance and Ease in all we do, and life will reward us with everything we need, including money! Let’s seek value! We will find it, as we pass the time away..

Carol Hope ~786-220-0095 Schedule a consultation with Carol. Please be aware that she is an Ordained Minister ( Since November 2003). She takes her orientation from a Christian belief system, but has full respect for all faiths.

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