Chakra & Emotional Freedom ~ Healing Exercises

Have you ever wondered why you try so hard to change your life and it seems that as you take a step forward, something comes along that forces you to take 2 steps back? A well known culprit for this phenomenon may be programming that you received in your formative years that are in conflict with what you are trying to achieve today. You may be saying yes I can, and the old programming is saying; you are not worthy.  As we learn more about the conflicts within us, there are simple techniques and exercises that we can practice that will help us to change our outcomes by changing deep-seated beliefs about ourselves that hold us back.

i am someone who experienced breast cancer and was given a very poor prognosis for survival by my doctors. Something in me signaled that my work on the planet was not done; that God  has more work for me  to do. So I became clear.   My intention was to beat the odds and survive to carry on my mission.

I did, and 11 years later I am here and well. Among several, non-invasive modalities, I employed Emotional Freedom Techniques (as taught by Gary Craig) and Chakra Healing. Because of these practices, today I am aware of some of the major blockages to my good that had kept me from experiencing optimal health. I continue to practice the exercises as to maintain the highest expression of self and of my purpose.

I pass on my knowledge to others in a monthly class. My intention is to share the knowledge I have with everyone who desires to change the undesirable conditions of their life. Perhaps you could benefit from what I am teaching. Please find the Flyer for the next class here: Emotional Freedom & Chakra Healing Class. Let us know if you will be joining us by registering at 786-337-5965   – Carol Hope, Master Trainer

~ I have been using these techniques successfully for more than 5 years.

 If you have attended one of my classes, please leave a comment below. Feedback is critical. Thank you! Carol

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