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"I am a Hope Provider!"

Fly Like an Eagle

Carol Hope has been a published writer since 2003. Since that time she has been a member of the “AuthorsDen Community”; where readers and writers meet. She has a mission of “Expanding the Light” and carries that out by speaking in many different forums around the country and the world. The following is her Vision: “I am a citizen of the world and universally connected. I acknowledge the parenthood of God, so each person I meet is family. I am conscious of the abiding presence of good, because each situation or challenge is my teacher.

With that vision in mind, she approaches everything in her path as an opportunity to grow and change; to come up higher. A school teacher by profession, Carol believes that education and taking action on the knowledge we acquire, are the ways to solve all of the world’s problems. She writes articles, blogs, books, composes uplifting music, and speaks openly and frankly about the lessons she has learned along her journey.

She is dedicating this site to sharing with the world; tips, stories, books, articles, CD’s & videos of critical information that she hopes will shine a light into many dark places. “Expanding the Light!”

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