Forgiveness; a gift you give to ?

William Shakespeare once wrote in the Merchant of Venice: “The quality of mercy is not strained, It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath: it is twice blest; It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:”

In church, as the minister spoke last Sunday, I was reminded of this quotation from the literature of my high school years. Back then my focus was purely academic as I plowed through the pages of the play, trying to get into Shakespeare’s head; trying to figure out.what the characters represented, so as to pass the test that was sure to come after each chapter.

I remember memorizing  the lines as a teenager, and surprised myself on Sunday,  that after all the years between then and now, I could still remember the lines and repeat them along with the minister. But on Sunday the focus was on forgiveness as a way of demonstrating MERCY.  Never quite looked at it like that before. Usually I considered that MERCY is something that God’s shows by his unconditional love and attention to all persons. However, by looking at MERCY in the form of forgiveness, as something that we should consider shearing with another, regardless of what they have done: that did not always come to mind. It was clear that the message was focused on demonstrating mercy for others regardless of how they have hurt us and we must do it often; 70 times 7.  So, how do we do that?

I came up with a formula that I hope will make sense to you. I call it the “4 R’s of clearing the heart of un-forgiveness.”

1] Rebuke the situation, hurt  or difficulty. Tell your heart that it has no ability to hurt you.

2] Release the person or thing into God’s care. He knows the whole story and you may not. Because he is omniscient, He has an understanding of the entire situation, including the heart of the person who has done you wrong. God is the One to takes care of the situation. This is called surrendering to a power that is greater than you.

3] Recover, and as one of my daughters would says; Recover, Recover, Recover. That means, tell yourself to recover, as many times as you need to, so that your heart and soul can hear you..Words have power and as you send them out, they will not return to you void; they will accomplish that to which you have sent them! (inspired by Isaiah the Prophet)

4] Rejoice because you no longer have the burden. You have handed it over to the Power that is greater than you. In time you will come to live with that knowledge, so that fear and hurt can be dealt with in this way always.

So the MERCY of forgiveness empties your heart of the burden of the hurt; because that first blessing is yours and as you forgive the person or situation, they are also blessed. The act of that MERCY is twice blessed: it blesses him that gives and him that takes. Use this as a cleansing shower for your heart, soul and spirit, and be blessed.


Don’t Think of a Purple Cow!

While attending a psychology class some years ago, the professor told us to close our eyes and then he said; “Don’t think of a purple cow”.  He repeated it over and over. For the life of me, I could think of nothing else. I saw visions of the purple cow jumping around in my head. Turned out, he was proving a point. What we tell others or ourselves repeatedly is what is enforced.

By telling us over and over that we should not think of a purple cow, the image of a purple cow was what stayed in our heads. The relevance of the point I am making is; the focus we have will result in the outcome that we are directing our energy to. I am a cancer survivor and a major part of my journey is that I am not focused on cancer; I am focused on Gaining Health. I believe that is critical to my continued recovery.

People spend time exercising and eating very little food, but they are still overweight and frustrated. I am a Health Gainer and my mission has been to take the focus off fat and put it on Optimal Health. I feel very strongly that staying focused on what creates health from moment to moment, is how you bring obesity under control.

The key is to have a system that results in Good Health; including body fat control. Learn what  I have discovered about where to focus by attending our Health Gainers Education Forum. Next one will be August 4, 2012 at Hope Providers Conference Room; 20295 NW 2nd Ave. Suite 302, Miami Gardens, Florida 33169. Phone: 786-337-5965

See you then. ~Carol Hope, Facilitator




Cancer, Prevention, Magic Bullets?

Having experienced cancer  and survived, (now 11 years), I can tell you that it is a complected issue. There are no magic bullets. Some things such as the herbs mentioned in the article below. may help to boost the immune system, or even kill cancer cells, but the whole process of prevention and recovery from degeneration into cancer, requires many-fold approaches including but not limited to the following: reducing stress caused by high acid pH in the body, eating in harmony with what your body finds harmonious, ensuring that what you eat is absorbed at the cell level. proper supplementation including trace minerals, ensuring that the environment in which you live is free of toxic materials, getting sufficient clean, fresh air and having a spiritual connectedness to life; just to name a few. Prevention and recovery require a knowledge of your unique body and supporting it in a way that keeps you vital: no one size fills all. Let the buyer beware.!

Because I believe it is worth reading, below  is the article about which I am commenting

I am a strategist for helping people with this and many other issues of life that result in harmony balance & ease. Feel free to contact me  at 786-337-5965.
Please pass my comments on to others who may be into prevention like me. Stay blessed. ~ Carol Hope. Minister, Author, Professional Speaker

Chakra & Emotional Freedom ~ Healing Exercises

Have you ever wondered why you try so hard to change your life and it seems that as you take a step forward, something comes along that forces you to take 2 steps back? A well known culprit for this phenomenon may be programming that you received in your formative years that are in conflict with what you are trying to achieve today. You may be saying yes I can, and the old programming is saying; you are not worthy.  As we learn more about the conflicts within us, there are simple techniques and exercises that we can practice that will help us to change our outcomes by changing deep-seated beliefs about ourselves that hold us back.

i am someone who experienced breast cancer and was given a very poor prognosis for survival by my doctors. Something in me signaled that my work on the planet was not done; that God  has more work for me  to do. So I became clear.   My intention was to beat the odds and survive to carry on my mission.

I did, and 11 years later I am here and well. Among several, non-invasive modalities, I employed Emotional Freedom Techniques (as taught by Gary Craig) and Chakra Healing. Because of these practices, today I am aware of some of the major blockages to my good that had kept me from experiencing optimal health. I continue to practice the exercises as to maintain the highest expression of self and of my purpose.

I pass on my knowledge to others in a monthly class. My intention is to share the knowledge I have with everyone who desires to change the undesirable conditions of their life. Perhaps you could benefit from what I am teaching. Please find the Flyer for the next class here: Emotional Freedom & Chakra Healing Class. Let us know if you will be joining us by registering at 786-337-5965   – Carol Hope, Master Trainer

~ I have been using these techniques successfully for more than 5 years.

 If you have attended one of my classes, please leave a comment below. Feedback is critical. Thank you! Carol

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